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Current Affairs Quiz-3 for Banking Exams

Current Affairs Quiz-3 for Banking Exams

Current Affairs Quiz-3 for Banking Exams

1.Who is appointed as the director general of NCC?

(A)LT General  Neeraj Chopra

(B)LT. General Rajeev Chopra

(C)Lt. general Neel Kamal

(D)None of these




2.Who is appointed as the vice chief of naval staff?

(A)Vice admiral G Ashok Kumar

(B)Vice admiral G Ashok Gupta

(C)Vice admiral Ashok Singh

(D)None of these




3.Who is appointed as the CBI director for a period of two years?

(A)Rishi Kumar Pant

(B)Rishi kumar Shukla

(C)Rishi kumar Anand

(D)None of these




4.Former Nepal’s Law officer who is appointed as Nepal ambassador to India?

(A)Rishi Kumar Pant

(B)PV Bharti

(C)Nilambar Acharya

(D)None of these




5.Who has been appointed as the Secretary of the Ministry of Civil Aviation?

(A)Vijay Jasuja

(B)Pradeep Singh Kharola

(C)Rajiv Narayan Choubey

(D)None of these

➢ Currently Mr. Kharola is the chief managing director (CMD) and Chairperson of Air India (from 9th January 2018).




6.Who has been elected as the chairman of the African Union?

(A)Paul Kagame

(B)Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi

(C)Ahmad Abdullah

(D)None of these

➢ It rotates among the continent’s five regions (Southern Africa, Central Africa, West Africa, East Africa, North Africa)




7.Who has been appointed as the Election Commissioner of India?

(A)Sushil Chandra

(B)Ashok Lavasa

(C)Ahmad Abdullah

(D)None of these

     Chief Election Commissioner: Sunil Arora & Election Commissioner: Ashok Lavasa.

➢ He will fill the vacancy caused by the retirement of O.P. Rawat.




8.Who has been appointed as the new chairman of the Central Board of Direct Taxes(CBDT)?

(A)Shri Pramod Chandra Mody.

(B)Ashok Lavasa

(C)Sushil Chandra

(D)None of these

➢ Mr Mody succeeds Sushil Chandra who was named as Election Commissioner of India.




9.Who is appointed as Nigeria’s President? 

(A)    Muhammadu Buhari

(B)    D.K Sharma

(C)   Pradeep singh Khrola

(D)  None of these




10.Who has been appointed as the National Book Trust (NBT) Chairman?

(A)Govind Prasad

(B)D.K Sharma

(C)Pradeep singh Khrola

(D)None of these




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