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Exercise for Conditionals/synonym set-1st(a)

exercise-for-conditionals-by-ajay-sharma-accent-concept english-by-ajay-sharma-conditional-sentences


Replace the under lined words to make the sentence correct.
1. If you heat ice, it melts.
a) heats       b) has heated     c) have heated                   d) No correction required
2. If you had studied harder, you have passed the exam.
a) passes        b) would have passed          c) will have passed       d) No correction required
Find the error in the following sentences otherwise tick right.
3. The grass gets wet if it rains.
4. If I had accepted that promotion, I have been working in Haryana.
5. If I played the lottery, I have a chance to hit the jackpot.
6. If I had sent in my resume on time, I have gotten the job.
7. If the weather changes suddenly, I got a headache.
8. If it hadn’t rained so hard, it would have been a perfect day.
9. If I had studied more, I will have gotten a higher score on the test.
10. If he calls me, I will go to him.
11. If it rains, the schools remain closed.
12. If I will come to Delhi, I will meet you.
13. If the government becomes strict, corruption will surely finish.
14. If I had seen you, I would have stopped my car.
15. If I were a bird, I would fly in the sky.
16. He scolded me as if he was my father.
17. He acted as if he is my father.  
18. Unless he takes care of his health, he will not recover. 
19. She will come to meet you as soon as you reach Delhi.
20. If I find her address, I would send her an invitation.
21. If I hadn’t studied, I wouldn’t have passed my exams.
22. If John had had the money, he would have bought a Ferrari.
23. If I go to the cinema, I will watch an interesting film
24. If I studied, I would pass the exams.
25. If I earned a lot of money, I would have flown to New York.
26. If we do not come home in time, we would have missed the film.
27. If our class go to England, I would visit the Tower of London.
28. If he had a temperature, he would see the doctor.
29. The teacher will not be happy if I forget my homework again.
30. I will be very happy if my friends come.

Choose the synonyms for the following questions or most appropriate alternative.
31. Abundant
a) small          b)Excess       c) access d) None of these
32. Plenty
a) tiny          b) Excess       c) access d) None of these
33. Pandemonium
a) A music instrument          b) a playing toy       c) a noisy environment       d) None of these
34. Extirpate
a) Boisterous          b) Expert                c) to remove/lessen something            d) None of these
35. A person who always talks about himself.
a) Neurologist           b) Egotist      c) Speaker       d) Friend
36. A person who doesn’t take liquor or intoxication.
a) Drunker             b) Egoist           c) Teetotaler              d) None of these
37. There was a black tie event.
a) A dance party          b) A casual party        c) A very formal party        d) None of these
38. You shouldn’t go to Father now because he is in Black mood.
a) Good mood              b) Angry mood                   c) Agreement               d) None of these
39. Animosity
a) A city name           b) A good relation           c) Hostility             d) None of these
40. Killing of one’s husband is known as.
a) Matriticide            b)   Parricide        c) Matricide             d) Hosticide
41. Killing of King or Queen is known as.
a) Matricide          b)   Parricide        c) Regicide
 d) Uxoricide          e) None of these
42. Killing of animal is known as.
a) Matricide     b) Zoocide      c) Regicide              d) Uxoricide     e) None of these