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Current Affairs 4 Dec.2016 – Accent Institute Hisar

Russian Scientist develop new cheap way to produce nuclear fuel using electricity

  • Scientists from Russia have developed a new unique, low-cost method for producing high-quality nuclear fuel using electricity.
  • It is alternative novel method that forms the basis of powder metallurgy and involves electric pulse sintering under pressure.
  • The main type of fuel for nuclear power reactors is the uranium oxide pellet composition.
  • It is produced from a powder by granulation, pressing, and sintering (coalescing into a solid or porous mass by heating) with the subsequent control of the quality and size of the pellets.
  • In the new method, the mould is heated by passing electric current with the uranium oxide pellet powder placed in.
  • The uranium oxide fuel is simultaneously influenced by the powerful pulse discharge and mechanical pressure Advantages Products of high quality are obtained in low cost.
  • Reduces number of production stages without increasing the cost.
  • Fuel pellets can be produced even from uranium dioxide powder, which is not suitable for the conventional technology.

    SC approves Centre’s Graded Response System to tackle air pollution in Delhi-NCR

  • The Supreme Court has approved Central Government’s Graded Response Action Plan to tackle different levels of pollution in Delhi-NCR.
  • The apex court also has asked Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) to upgrade its existing infrastructure and set up additional monitoring stations in Delhi-NCR.
  • Graded Response Action Plan The enforcement of action plan will be under orders of Environment Pollution (Control and Prevention) Authority (EPCA).
  • All other authorities will act in aid of such direction.
  • It has enumerated a number of measures which include closing brick kilns, stone crushers, hot mix plants, intensifying public transport services besides increase in frequency of mechanised cleaning of road and sprinkling of water on roads to tackle problem of pollution.
  • Common Pollution Code The action plan proposes common pollution code for Delhi-NCR to provide graded response to health emergencies caused by noxious air due to pollution.
  • The code categorises the severity of the pollutants present in the air into four categories- moderate to poor, very poor, severe, very Severe or emergency depending upon the level of pollutants in air. Under it, when particulate matter (PM) 2.5 levels are above 250 to 430 micrograms per cubic metre in the ambient air it will be termed as “severe” levels of pollution. After air pollution reaches such alarming proportions, immediate steps will be taken.
  • It includes ban on construction activities and implementation of road space rationing schemes.

    Jagranjosh.com brings for its reader quizzes of the week that covers important happenings of the week. The section revises selected quizzes from the week to help its readers in revising the most important happenings. The topics covered this week include topics like 2016 World Chess Championship, Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn and first state to run on a cashless system among others.
    1. Who won the 2016 World Chess Championship?
    a) Sergey Karjakin
    b) Garry Kasparov
    c) Viswanathan Anand
    d) Magnus Carlsen

    2. What is the purpose of drones employed by The North-Eastern Space Applications Centre?
    a) To map water bodies
    b) To map areas affected by natural disasters
    c) To map soil erosion
    d) To map the roadways

    3. The Parliament of Thailand recently invited Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn to be the new king of the country. He will also be known as
    a) King Rama IX
    b) King Rama XI
    c) King Rama X
    d) King Rama XII

    4. Name the village in Gujarat that recently earned the tag of becoming India’s first digital village in India.
    a) Akodara
    b) Akrund
    c) Poshina
    d) Punsari

    5. What percent of tax will be levied if the declarant voluntarily declares the undisclosed income?
    a) 10 percent
    b) 25 percent
    c) 30 percent
    d) 60 percent

    6. Which Indian state is soon going to become the first state to run on a cashless system?
    a) Delhi
    b) Gujarat
    c) Goa
    d) Kerala

    7. Which film won the Golden Peacock prize at the 47th IFFI?
    a) Afterimage
    b) Daughter
    c) Cold of Kalandar
    d) The Throne

    8. Who won the 2016 Davis Cup?
    a) Argentina
    b) Croatia
    c) United States
    d) Great Britain

    9. Who of the following became the third Indian boxer to clinch gold medal at the AIBA Youth World Championships?
    a) Vikas Krishan
    b) Sachin Singh
    c) Naman Tanwar
    d) Thokchom Nanao Singh

    10. Name the Indian golfer who won the inaugural Qatar Ladies Open.
    a) Aditi Ashok
    b) Sharmila Nicollet
    c) Ankita Tiwana
    d) Smriti Mehra

    11. As per Union Government the safeguard duty will be slapped on import of certain steel products that will be dumped in India below a certain price. What is the minimum price below which the duty will be slapped?
    a) USD 290 per tonne
    b) USD 409 per tonne
    c) USD 504 per tonne
    d) USD 610 per tonne

    12. What will be the theme for the 12th International Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition, PETROTECH-2016 that will be held in New Delhi from 5 to 7 December 2016?
    a) Hydrocarbons to fuel the future – Choices and Challenges
    b) Hydrocarbons a life for the world – Challenges and Choices
    c) Hydrocarbons are future
    d) Hydrocarbon and Oil

    13. What was the theme of the 2016 International Day of Persons with Disabilities?
    a) Achieving 17 Goals for the Future We Want
    b) Arts, Culture and Independent Living
    c) Inclusion matters: access and empowerment for people of all abilities
    d) Decent Work for Persons with Disabilities

    14. The United Nations recently formally apologized to which of the following countries for its role in the country’s cholera epidemic?
    a) Haiti
    b) Cuba
    c) Mexico
    d) Honduras

    15. Which of the following domestic space technology start-ups recently signed a contract with the Indian Space Research Organisation to send a robot to the Moon?
    a) Web Engage
    b) Druva Software
    c) Cucumbertown
    d) TeamIndus


    1. (d) Magnus Carlsen
    2. (b) To map areas affected by natural disasters
    3. (c) King Rama X
    4. (a) Akodara
    5. (c) 30 percent
    6. (c) Goa
    7. (b) Daughter
    8. (a) Argentina
    9. (b) Sachin Singh
    10. (a) Aditi Ashok
    11. (c) USD 504
    12. (a) Hydrocarbons to fuel the future – Choices and Challenges
    13. (a) Achieving 17 Goals for the Future We Want
    14. (a) Haiti
    15. (d) TeamIndus