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Daily updated quizzes that cover the topics like the girl to swim in River Ganga with message Clean Ganga, Saurastra Narmada Avataran Irrigation Yojana and Saraswati Samman among others.

1.    Who of the following was awarded the prestigious Saraswati Samman for the year 2015?
a)    Padma Sharma
b)    Padma Sachdev
c)    Sunita Jain
d)    Advay Ramesh

2.    Name the country with which India signed Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA) in August 2016.
a)    The United States
b)    Germany
c)    Russia
d)    Nepal

3.    Which country has launched Operation Euphrates Shield in Syria to end the rule of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) as well as against the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)?
a)    Turkey
b)    Russia
c)    The United States
d)    Isreal

4.    Who of the following is the author of the autobiography ‘ChittChete‘ written in Dogri language?
a)    G Satheesh
b)    Sanjeev Sanyal
c)    Padma Sachdev
d)    Ravi Velloor

5.    Name the city that is hosting the 2016 Mother Teresa International Film Festival (MTIFF)?
a)    Kolkata
b)    Panaji
c)    Bengaluru
d)    New Delhi

6.    With which Asian country India signed MoUs in fields of renewable energy, traditional systems of medicine in August 2016?
a)    Bangladesh
b)    Myanmar
c)    Philippines
d)    Nepal

7.    Who of the following headed the Committee on border protection that submitted its report to the Home Minister Rajnath Singh?
a)    Ratan P Watal
b)    Sahshi Shekhar
c)    Madhav Chitale
d)    Madhukar Gupta

8.    National Sports Day is observed across India on 29 August to commemorate birth anniversary of
a)    Milkha Singh
b)    Dhanraj Pillay
c)    Dhyan Chand
d)    Mohammed Shahid

9.    Who won the 2016 Belgian Grand Prix of Formula One (F1)?
a)    Daniel Ricciardo
b)    Nico Hulkenberg
c)    Nico Rosberg
d)    Lewis Hamilton

10.    Who of the following will head Indian Navy’s high level committee that was constituted to find out extent of Scorpene Submarine data leak?
a)    Sunil Lanba
b)    Ashok Kumar
c)    Girish Luthra
d)    Robin K. Dhowan

11.    Name the 11-year-old girl who will swim in River Ganga from Kanpur to Varansi with a message of clean Ganga.
a)    Shraddha Shukla
b)    Maana Patel
c)    Kamlesh Nanavati
d)    None of the above

12.    Name the city where the first phase of SAUNI (Saurastra Narmada Avataran Irrigation yojana) was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
a)    Ahmedabad
b)    Pune
c)    Anuppur
d)    Jamnagar

13.    The world famous Velankanni our lady of health basilica annual feast started with the hoisting of flag in which state?
a)    Tamil Nadu
b)    Kerala
c)    Goa
d)    Karnataka

14.    Name the Indian paramilitary force that has decided to appoint Olympic Silver medalist PV Sindhu as its brand ambassador and bestow the honorary rank of Commandant to her.
a)    Border Security Force (BSF)
b)    Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP)
c)    Central Industrial Security Force (CISF)
d)    Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)

15.    Who of the following won the Talex Open ITF men’s futures tournament?
a)    Daniel Masur
b)    Ramkumar Ramanathan
c)    Sumit Nagal
d)    Yuki Bhambri

1. (b) Padma Sachdev
2. (a) The United States
3. (a) Turkey
4. (c) Padma Sachdev
5. (a) Kolkata
6. (b) Myanmar
7. (d) Madhukar Gupta
8. (c) Dhyan Chand
9. (c) Nico Rosberg
10. (b) Ashok Kumar
11. (a) Shraddha Shukla
12. (d) Jamnagar
13. (a) Tamil Nadu
14. (d) Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)
15. (c) Sumit Nagal