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Daily Vocab dose 1 The Hindu Newspaper by Ajay Sir

Daily Vocab The Hindu Newspaper: by Ajay Sir

Hello friends, Here is News given from today’s The Hindu Newspaper and vocabulary is explained below this News, as we know the vocabulary asked in most of the competitive exams are taken from  ” The Hindu” Newspaper so it would help you to read the topic thoroughly as well as help in the exam.



TOPIC :-    Kashmir unfinished agenda: Pak army chief

Gen. Raheel Sharif accuses India of stoking terrorism in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan and Kashmir are inseparable, and Kashmir is “an unfinished agenda of partition”, Army Chief Gen. Raheel Sharif said on Wednesday. “While we wish for peace and stability in the region, we want Kashmir’s just resolution in the light of UN resolutions and as per the aspirations of the Kashmiri people,” Sharif told a conference
at the National Defence University “While our enemies are supporting terrorism to stoke sub conventional
conflicts and destabilize our country, we are fully determined, capable of defeating nefarious designs,” Dawn online quoted him as saying.
The army chief’s comments follow a flurry of similar statements that India was involved in stoking terrorism in Pakistan.

Parrikar expresses concern over arms sale to Pakistan NEW DELHI Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar on Wednesday expressed concern over arms sale to Pakistan, ahead of his meeting with visiting U.S. Defence Secretary Ashton Carter. “I will not comment on specifics but any arms sale to Pakistan is a concern to India,” he told reporters in New Delhi.
He was replying to a question about continued American sale of arms to Pakistan. He was also asked if this issue would be raised during his meeting with Mr. Carter later in the evening.
The U.S. has given military hardware, including F-16 fighter planes, to Pakistan amounting to a whopping $ 5.4 billion since the 9/11 terror attacks, according to a latest Congressional report. But most of the arms and equipment supplied to Pakistan have been those which could be used for conventional war with India.

Vocabulary:       Meaning/Explanation        Hindi

1. Accuses:  charge (someone) with an offence or crime.  आरोप लगाया है|

2. Inseparable: unable to be separated or treated separately.            


3. Conflicts:  a serious disagreement or argument, typically a protracted one. संघर्ष; टकराव

4. Destabilize:  upset the stability of; cause unrest in. अस्थिर

5. Nefarious: (typically of an action or activity) wicked or criminal. बेईमान; अति दुष्ट

6. Replying:  say something in response to something someone has said. उत्तर में कहना; उत्तर देना

7. Whopping: very large. भारी

8. Conventional:  based on or in accordance with what is generally done or believed. परम्परागत

9. Escalates: increase rapidly. तीव्र करना; ख़राब करना

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