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Fill in the Blanks Quiz 2nd English

Directions(1-5): In each sentence, there is a blank. To fill up the blank, three words are given below the sentence, which are denoted by (i), (ii) and (iii) Find out which one or two or three can be used to fill up the blank and make the sentence meaningfully complete.
Q 1- This is the common…………….followed by employees in many companies.         (i)   sense         (ii)  practice
(iii) outcome         (a)  Only i                       (b) Only ii
(c)  Only iii             (d) i or ii only         (e)  ii or iii only

Q 2- In such a…………changing scenario, the out-dated methods should be dropped.        (i) fast        (ii) speed        (iii) rapidly        (a) i or ii only                    (b) ii or iii only        (c) i or iii only       (d) Any one        (e) Only i

Q 3- He was the first to…………….this novel method in our factory.        (i) initiate                      (ii) start        (iii) implement        (a) Only i                      (b) Only ii        (c) Only iii               (d)  i or ii only         (e) Any one

Q 4-After spending a small amount on medicines, he refunded the entire………..money to his father.        (i) remained          (ii) balance        (iii) residual        (a) Only i                 (b) Only ii        (c) Only iii                          (d) ii or iii only        (e)  i or iii only

Q 5-It happened inadvertently; he didn’t do it…………..
(i) deliberately                (ii)purposefully
(iii) intentionally           (a) Anyone            (b) i or ii only
(c) i or iii only         (d) ii or iii only            (e) None of these

Q.6-10. Choose a word to be fitted in both the sentences
6. Almost 90% of the spices produced are utilized within the country, and only the ——- is exported.
Rohit was advised to take ———– since he broke his leg in the accident.
A. Medicine               B. Coffee               C. As    
D. Rest                       E. Leftover

7. The ————-of the bus was arrested two days after the incident.
Women’s safety was the key ———– behind the big push for sanitation in the villages.
A. Passenger           B. Trainer           C. Issue                         D. Owner                  E. Driver
8. She————- in slum area and struggles hard to reach her workplace everyday.
Despite the existence of safety norms, many private buses plying in Malabar continue to violate all norms risking the ———– of passengers.
A. Lives                        B. Calm                        C. Plays
D. Aptitude                 E. Dwell

9. It is always the ordinary people who ——–victims of violence because the politicians move around in bullet-proof vehicles.
Those who conspire against others———— into their own trap.
A. Indicate                    B. Shun                 C. Fall
D. Transform               E. Suppressed

10. The fleeting ————- of rainfall have increased the fears of steep rise in vegetable prices among traders and consumers.
The child had the problem of learning how to ———- a word, for which he was taken to the psychiatrist.
A. Order              B. Spell              C. Form        
D. Change           E. Occur

Q.11-15. Choose a word to be fitted in the blank
11. Steel prices, which have been on the rise for last several years, have ————-the backbone of auto parts industry.
A. Joined                B. Burst           C. Broken          
D. Altered               E. Distanced
12. Adopting healthy habits is vital in curbing the spread of H1N1, and it is high time people ———–it.
A. Rage                         B. Chooses                C. Hover
D. Gather                     E. Realize
13. It is ————-for children, elderly and people suffering from lung diseases to avoid going out early in the morning.
A. Tired                    B. Rampant           C. Affected
D. Advisable             E. Enviable
14. Since ————on mango trees is a very sensitive period, any weather change can badly hit its productivity and quality.
A. Towering            B. Pruning            C. Washing
D. Flowering           E. Sprayed
15. The —————should understand that they would get a licence only if they have basic skills of driving.
A. Residential         B. Political                 C. Authoritative
D. Applicants         E. Driven


Cloze Test & Double blank fillers:
Directions (Q.1–Q.5) : In the following passage some of the words have been left out, each of which is indicated by a number. Find the suitable word from the options given against each number and fill up the blanks with appropriate words to make the paragraph meaningfully complete. 
The fear of getting (1) in a police investigation and being subjected to the rigours of legal procedure often deters (2) from getting involved in the rescue of accident victims. The government’s decision to frame a ‘Good Samaritan law’ as part of an effort to encourage people to offer assistance without the fear of any criminal or civil (3), is a step in the right direction. The crux of the guidelines is that no savior rushing to the rescue of an accident victim should be forced to be a witness. Any (4) of personal information or offer to be a witness, in the event of the Good Samaritan also being an eyewitness to an accident, ought to be voluntary. Further, the examination of such a volunteer as a witness shall be done only on a single occasion and without harassment or intimidation. The court has reserved judgment on giving directions to the Union government and the States until a law is in (5). As the matter concerns the police, hospitals and road transport officials, besides the magistracy, it may be more effective if the State governments frame their own Acts.



1) embroiled 
2) entangled 
3) meshed 
4) stroked 
5) strolled 


1) bystanders 
2) standers 
3) trespassers 
4) passers 
5) travellers 


1) plausibility 
2) normality 
3) liability 
4) ability 
5) capability 


1) enclosure 
2) disclosure 
3) seizure 
4) ban 
5) closure 


1) universe 
2) land 
3) place 
4) room 
5) space 

Directions (Q.6-Q.10): The sentence has two blanks. Choose the words that best fit the meaning of the sentence as a whole. 

Q6. Roads in rural India___________ built _________ millions of crores of rupees. 

1) are likely to be, with 
2) are being, in 
3) has been, with 
4) have been, for 
5) to be, within 

Q7. ____ bad weather conditions in the final match, the batsman ____ the match alive. 

1) Despite, kept 
2) Inspite of, was keeping 
3) Besides, kept 
4) Having, had kept 
5) Beyond, managed 

Q8. There is certainty ______ the corporation is coming with a preference ______ higher quality. 

1) that, for 
2) like, of 
3) for, in 
4) to, for 
5) in, to. 

Q9. The Pharma industry in Asia ___ flourished __ the last three decades. 

1) have been ,in 
2) has ,in 
3) has been ,over 
4) had ,past 
5) None of these 

Q10. Women from poor households ____ included ____ management group. 

1) have been ,from 
2) are , in 
3) has been , by 
4) are , at 
5) had been , from 

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1. (B)         2. (C)               3. (E)             4. (B)               5. (C)

6. (D)         7. (E)               8. (A)             9. (C)             10. (B)         

11. (C)            12. (E)        13. (D)           14. (D)            15. (D)

Answer key for Cloze Test & Double blank fillers:

 1. (1)         2. (1)               3. (3)            4. (2)            5. (3)

6. (4)         7. (1)               8. (1)             9. (2)            10. (1)