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Idiom – Kick the bucket…By Ajay Sharma

Kick the bucket

English by Ajay Sharma funny idiom (An amazing Angreji Adhyapak at Accent Institute)

  (informal) = to die
How to use it in a sentence :

  • “Every one of us will kick the bucket someday.”
  • Didn’t you hear? He kicked the bucket. Had a heart attack, I think.
  • I’m too young to kick the bucket!
  • All of my goldfish kicked the bucket while we were on vacation.


Interesting fact

The term ‘kick the bucket’ originated in the 16th century. The wooden frame used to hang animals by their feet for slaughter was called a bucket. As the animals struggled and spasmed, they were said to “kick the bucket.” The term gained broader definition when it was defined in Grose’s 1785 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue: “To kick the bucket, to die.”

A message from the writer :

Hello, friends, this is Ajay Sharma (Etymologist & English expert at Accent Coaching Institute Hisar) and for my students ” The Angreji Adhyapak  ”

Here I have started to post an idiom or a vocabulary word daily So that you can learn it in a funny way, cause every time I try to make the things easier as much as possible for the students.
Through students review, I came to know that it is easier them to learn Vocabulary and Idioms. Students are mostly found to have a hard time while using them in a sentence and I have focused on ” How to use these in a sentence” so that they do not have to face this problem.

Here is a little start from me, I hope you would like this……thank you….. Ajay Sharma (Founder-Director at Accent Coaching Institute)