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MATHS Practice Set  Speed , Distance & Time ( S.T.D.)        




MATHS Practice Set Speed , Distance & Time ( S.T.D.)

  1. A and B travel the same distance at speed of 9km/ hr and 10 km/ hr respectively. If A takes 36 minutes more than B, the distance travelled by each is
    (a) 48 km
    (b) 54 km
    (c) 60 km
    (d) 66 km
  2. A train travelling with uniform speed crosses two bridges of lengths 300 m and 240 m in 21 seconds 18 seconds respectively. The speed of train is:
    (a) 72 km / hr
    (b) 68 km / hr
    (c) 65 km / hr
    (d) 60 km / hr
  3. A train, 110 m long. is running at a speed of 60 km / hr. How many seconds does it take to cross another train, 170 m long standing on parallel track?
    (a) 15.6 sec
    (b) 16.8 sec
    (c) 17.2 sec
    (d) 18 sec
  4. Buses start from a bus terminal with a speed of 20 km / hr at intervals of 10 minutes. What is the speed of a man coming from the opposite direction towards the bus terminal if he meets the buses at intervals of 8 minutes?
    (a) 3 km / hr
    (b) 4 km / hr
    (c) 5 km / hr
    (d) 7 km / hr
  5. A train 300m long passed a man walking along the line in the same direction at the rate of 3 km / hr in 33 seconds. The speed of the train is
    (a) 30 km / h
    (b) 32 km / h
    (c) 32 8/11 km / h
    (d) 35 8/11 km / h
  6. A train, 240 m long crosses a man walking along the line in opposite direction at the rate of 3 kmph in 10 seconds. The speed of the train is
    (a) 63 kmph
    (b) 75 kmph
    (c) 83.4 kmph
    (d) 86.4 kmph
  7. A train is running at 36 km / hr. If it crosses a pole in 250 seconds, its length is
    (a) 248 m
    (b) 250 m
    (c) 255 m
    (d) 260 m
  8. Two trains of length 70 m and 80 m are running at speed of 68 km / hr and 40 km / hr respectively on parallel tracks in opposite directions. In how many seconds will they pass each other?
    (a) 10 sec
    (b) 8 sec
    (c) 5 sec
    (d) 3 sec
  9. Two trains of length 137 meter and 163 meter are running with speed of 42 km / hr and 48 km / hr respectively towards each other on parallel tracks. In how many seconds will they cross each other?
    (a) 30 sec
    (b) 24 sec
    (c) 12 sec
    (d) 10 sec
  10. By walking at 3/4 of his usual speed a man reaches his office 20 minutes later than his usual time. The usual time taken by him to reach his office is
    (a) 75 minutes 
    (b) 60 minutes
    (c) 40 minutes
    (d) 30 minutes
  11. A person went from A to B at an average speed of x km / hr and returned from B to A at an average speed of y km / hr. What was his average speed during the total journey?
    (a) x + y / 2xy
    (b) 2xy / x + y
    (c) 2 / x + y
    (d) 1/x + 1/ y
  12. A man goes from Mysore to Banglore at a uniform speed of 40 km / hr and comes back to Mysore at a uniform speed of 60 km / hr. His average speed for the whole journey is
    (a) 48 km / hr
    (b) 50 km / hr
    (c) 54 km / hr
    (d) 5 km / hr
  13. A man goes from a place A to B at a speed of 12 km / hr and returns from B to A at a speed of 18 km / hr. The average speed for the whole journey is
    (a) 14 2/5 km / hr
    (b) 15 km / hr
    (c) 15 1/2 km / hr
    (d) 16 km / hr
  14. A man covers the journey from station A to station B at a uniform speed of 36 km / hr and returns to A with a uniform speed of 45 km / hr. His average speed for the whole journey is
    (a) 40 km / hr 
    (b) 40.5 km / hr
    (c) 41 km / hr
    (d) 42 km / hr
  15. The speed of two trains are in the ratio 6: 7. If the second train runs 364 km in 4 hours, then the speed of first train is
    (a) 60 km / hr 
    (b) 72 km / hr
    (c) 78 km / hr
    (d) 84 km / hr
  16. Two trains, 80 meters and 120 meters long, are running at the speed of 25 km / hr and 35 km / hr respectively in the same direction on parallel tracks. How many seconds will they take to pass each other?
    (a) 48
    (b) 64
    (c) 70
    (d) 72
  17. A train crosses a pole in 15 seconds and a platform 100 metres long in 25 seconds. Its length (in metres) is
    (a) 50
    (b) 100
    (c) 150
    (d) 200
  18. In a 100m race, Kamal defeats Bimal by 5 seconds. If the speed of kamal is 18 kmph, then the speed of Bimal is
    (a) 15.4 kmph
    (b) 14.5 kmph
    (c) 14.4 kmph
    (d) 14 kmph
  19. A man travelled a distance of 61 km in 9 hours, partly on foot at the rate of 4 km / hr and partly on bicycle at the rate of 9 km / hr. The distance travelled on foot was
    (a) 12 km
    (b) 16 km
    (c) 20 km
    (d) 24 km
  20. A is twice as fast runner as B, and B is thrice as fast runner as C. If C travelled a distance in 1 hour 54 minutes, the time taken by A to cover the same distance is
    (a) 19 minutes
    (b) 38 minutes
    (c) 51 minutes
    (d) 57 minutes
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