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SBI Clerk Prelims Exam New Pattern Tripple Fillers

SBI Clerk Prelims Exam : New Pattern Tripple Fillers

Direction (1-12): This is the new pattern these days for banking exams such as IBPS-RRB..SBI Clerk Prelims Exam 2018-19 : New Pattern Tripple Fillers Each question below contains a statement with three blanks followed by four options. Choose the option that can fill the three blanks and mark it as your answer. This is the new pattern these days..for..SBI Clerk Prelims Exam 2018 : New Pattern Tripple Fillers

Q1. Once there lived a cunning fox who always __________to__________ others with his awful acts.

(a) wished, wise, cheating                                                  (b) desired, intelligent, betrayed

(c) thought, smart, fooling                                                  (d) tried, cunning, deceive

Q2. The basic _________ of parliamentary democracy ______that the elected executive decides policies and programmes _______ bureaucracy executes them.

(a) Execution, are, but                                   (b) Governance, is, that

(c) Principle, is, while                                   (d) Function, was, and     

Q3.    President Ram Nath Kovind’s _______ to overturn his decision to appoint the Vice-chancellor (VC) of the Visva Bharati University ______ West Bengal is not just unprecedented, it _______ troubling questions.

(a) Decision, in, raises                                  (b) Right, for, risen

(c) Question, to, answer                               (d) Residence, of, fails    

Q4. ___________ the need to tap rural markets, various internet _______ are bringing out solutions relevant for these segments. While some companies are focusing on adding regional language capabilities to their________, others are adding locally-relevant content.

(a) Watching, company, reports

(b) Recognizing, companies, services

(c) Consuming, providers, languages

(d) Leading, companies, report                     

Q5. The CBI is _______ four top officials of Punjab National Bank in connection with the Rs.11, 400- crore loan _______ allegedly pulled off by billionaire jeweller Nirav Modi and his family, sources _____ said.

(a) Questioning, fraud, have                           (b) Trying, case, have

(c) Transacting, fraud, has                              (d) Managing, fraud, has        

Q6. “Unwanted girls” are girls _______ are alive but likely disfavoured by their parents. They ______ less healthcare and schooling, with life-long effects on _____ well-being.

(a) That, received, its                                       (b) Who, receive, their

(c) Whom, receives, her                                  (d) Which, receiving, his     

Q7. South Korean lawmakers protested Friday over a ________ by a top North Korean general ________ the Pyeongchang Olympics, labeling him a war criminal over the 2010 sinking of a warship and calling for _______ execution.

(a) Visit, for, his                                               (b) Coming, from, him

(c) Visiting, by, her                                           (d) Meeting, to, their                

Q8. The Trump administration has _________ a new policy that makes very tough the procedure of issuing H-1B visas to __________ to be employed at one or more third-party worksites, a move that will hugely_________  Indian IT companies and their employees.

(a) Recall, them, effect                                      (b) Asked, these, impact

(c)  Announced, those, impact                           (d) Announce, them, involve      

Q9. Nepal will hold presidential ________ on March 13 to ________ the new president who will succeed the Himalayan nations’ first woman _________ Bidhya Devi Bhandari.

(a) Election, succeed, prime-minister                (b) Election, elect, president

(c) Candidates, poll, leader                                (d) Polling, elect, leader       

Q10. Stress and adversity ________the brain’s ability to learn and retain information, earlier research has found. But according to a remarkable new neurological ________ in mice, regular exercise can counteract those effects by ___________ communication between brain cells.

(a) weaken, study, bolstering                                (b) Connects, study, exercising

(c) Studies, changes,  understanding                  (d)   stronger, research, maintaining

Q11. There were screams, chills and thrills __________ at the discotheque the other night as the director along with the producers hosted a part to __________ the success of their latest horror flick.

(a) combined, and, downplay                                          (b) alike, accompany, mourn

(c) experience, with, mark                                                (d) galore, along with, celebrate

Q12. There are far too ______ rich religious leaders with nothing to do _______ hate democracy as an alien system forced on the people to take them _______ from Islam.

(a) Much, that, far                                          (b) Many, whom, close

(c) New, who, far                                           (d) Many, who, away  


1.(d)      2.(c)             3.(a)          4.(b)        5.(a)         6.(b)        7.(a)           8.(c)         9.(b)         10.(a)

11. (d)    Q12. (d)


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Hence you can get an Idea for expected type of questions that may be asked in the upcoming banking exams such as IBPS-SBI Clerk Prelims Exam 2018 : New Pattern Tripple Fillers