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Class 6th Syllabus for Sainik School Entrance Exam:

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Sainik School Exam Pattern


  • Mode of Examination– AISSEE is an offline or pen-and-paper-based entrance exam.
  • Type of Questions– All questions will be of multiple-choice or objective type.
  • Negative Marking– There will be no negative marking for unanswered questions or incorrect responses.


Eligibility Criteria

AISSEE is conducted for admission to Class VI & Class IX in Sainik Schools. For admission to Class VI, Child should be between 10 to 12 years and for admission to Class IX, child should be between 13 to 15 years as on 31 March 2020 are eligible to take the  Entrance Examination. The selection for admission is done on the basis of All India Sainik Schools Entrance Examination.


Sainik School Exam Pattern  – Subject and Medium


      Particulars Details (Class VI) Details (Class IX)
     Medium of question paper English / Hindi English
          Sections Covered Maths, GK, language and Intelligence Maths, Intelligence, English, General Science and Social Studies

Class 6th Exam Pattern of Sainik School

The distribution of marks for each paper for both class VI and IX are given below:

S.No. Subject Number of Questions and Marks Total Marks
1 Mathematics 50 questions of 3 marks each 150
2 G.K(Science and Social studies) 25 questions of 2 marks each 50
3 Language 25 questions of 2 marks each 50
4 Intelligence 25 questions of 2 marks each 50
Total – 125 300


Class 9th Exam Pattern of Sainik School

S.No. Subject Number of Questions and Marks Total Marks
1 Mathematics 50 questions of 4 marks each 200
2 English 25 questions of 2 marks each 50
3 Intelligence 25 questions of 2 marks each 50
4 General Science 25 questions of 2 marks each 50
5 Social Studies 25 questions of 2 marks each 50
Total – 150 400


 Sainik school class 9th syllabus

Subjects Topics Covered
Mathematics ·         Squares and Square Roots·         Cubes and Cube Roots

·         Rational Exponents and Radicals

·         Profit, Loss, and Discount

·         Compound Interest

·         Algebraic Identities

·         Polynomials

·         Equation in one variable

·         Parallel lines

·         Quadrilaterals and special types of Quadrilaterals

·         Triangle, Quadrilaterals,

·         Circle

·         Surface Areas and Volumes

·         Cylinder, Cone, Sphere & Solids

·         Statistics

·         Frequency Table


English ·         Spotting Errors·         Clauses

·         Active and Passive Voice

·         Reported Speech

·         Prepositions

·         Tenses

·         Articles

·         Antonyms and Synonyms

·         Rearrange jumbled words into sentences

·         Adjective

·         Adverb

·         Comparative and Superlative Degrees

·         Question Tags and Framing sentences

Science ·         The Universe·         Soil & Air

·         Structure of Atom

·         Metals and non-metals

·         Carbon

·         Cell structure and its functions

·         Microorganisms

·         Refraction of light

·         Electricity and Magnetism

·         Sources of Energy

·         Common Diseases

·         Food production and management

History ·         India and the Modern world·         India in the 18th century

·         The British Rule in India,

·         Policies and impact of British rule

·         Revolt against British rule

·         British administration in India after 1857

·         Changes in Economic life

·         Religion and Social reform movement

·         Cultural awakening

·         Struggle for Swaraj

·         Nationalist Movement

·         Achievements of Independence.

Civics ·         Indian constitution·         Parliament

·         Criminal Justice System

·         law and Social justice

·         Secularism

·         Secularism

·         Development issues

·         Globalization

·         India and the United Nations

·         United Nations- International agencies

·         Foreign Policy of India

·         India and its neighbors

Geography ·         Natural Disasters – Earthquake, Cyclone, Volcanoes, Floods·         Environmental degradation

·         Natural resources – Land, Soil, Energy, Water, Minerals

·         Plants and Wildlife

·         Agriculture

·         Manufacturing Industries

·         Human Resource


Sainik School Class 6th Syllabus

Mathematics ·         Addition·         Subtraction

·         Multiplication

·         fractions and decimals,

·         BODMAS Rule

·         LCM and HCF

·         Average

·         Percentage

·         Profit and loss

·         Ratio and Proportion

·         Simple Interest

·         Square root

·         Area and Perimeter

·         Geometry

·         Triangle

·         Circle

·         Algebraic expressions

English ·         Tenses,·         Sentences -Negative, Affirmative and Interrogative

·         Prepositions

·         Articles

·         One Word answers/fill in the blanks

·         Singular & Plural forms,

·         Homonyms

·         Synonyms & Antonyms

·         Spelling

·         Jumbled words

GK (Science) ·         Living things and non-living things and their Interdependence·         Plants & Animals

·         Human body

·         Food & Nutrition

·         Diseases

·         Rocks and Minerals

·         Air water and weather

·         Natural satellite

·         Environment

·         Natural calamities etc.

GK (Social Studies) ·         Freedom Fighters and Reformers·         Our Freedom struggle.

·         Maps

·         Solar System

·         Planets and Satellites

·         Continents and Oceans

·         Motion of the earth

·         Latitudes and Longitudes

·         Climate

·         Structure of Government

·         Fundamental Rights and duties

·         United Nation and its functions



List of Sainik Schools ALL OVER INDIA

S.No. State Name Of Sainik Schools
1. Andhra Pradesh Sainik School Korukonda
2. Assam Sainik School Goalpara
3. Bihar  1. Sainik School Gopalganj
2. Sainik School Nalanda
4. Chhattisgarh Sainik School Ambikapur
5. Gujarat Sainik School Balachadi
6. Haryana 1. Sainik School Kunjpura
2. Sainik School Rewari
7. Jammu &Kashmir Sainik School Nagrota
8. Himachal Pradesh Sainik School Sujanpur Tira
9. Jharkhand Sainik School Tilaiya
10. Karnataka 1. Sainik School Bijapur
2. Sainik School Kodagu
11. Kerala Sainik School Kazhakootam
12. Madhya Pradesh Sainik School Rewa
13. Maharashtra Sainik School Satara
14. Manipur Sainik School Imphal
15. Nagaland Sainik School Punglwa
16. Orissa Sainik School Bhubaneswar
17. Punjab Sainik School Kapurthala
18. Rajasthan Sainik School Chittorgarh
19. Tamil Nadu Sainik School Amaravathi Nagar
20. Uttrakhand Sainik School Ghorakhal
21. Uttar Pradesh Sainik School GorakhpurSainik School Lucknow
22. West Bengal Sainik School Purulia

 Sainik And Military School Coaching In Hisar
Sainik And Military School Coaching In Hisar
Sainik And Military School Coaching In Hisar
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Sainik & Military School Coaching in Hisar Haryana

Sainik & Military School Coaching in Hisar Haryana