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Sainik School Syllabus English | 2 Important Topics You Don’t Know

Sainik School is really a competitive Exam. Students always wonder where to find the syllabus and prepare for exam. If you are also one of them who is looking for sainik school syllabus English. You will find the syllabus as well as books. Sainik School Syllabus English | 2 Important Topics You Don’t Know by Accent Sainik Wing.
Details are given below:

Sainik School Class 6 Syllabus 2023 English Language

Noun – Number – Gender – Singular – Plural Preposition  Framing of Question
Sentence Formation Article  Parts of Speech
Synonyms & Antonyms Vocabulary  Verbs and Modals
Interjection Confusing Words  Idiom and Phrases
Question Tags Adjective  Types of sentence
Reading Comprehension Tense forms  Kind of Pronoun
Adverb Framing of Questions  Ordering of words in a  sentence
Spelling Correction Conjunction  Rhyming Words

Sainik School Syllabus English | 2 Important Topics You Don't Know

Sainik School Syllabus English | 2 Important Topics You Don’t Know

Although each and every student has a different prospective of learning. Yet they should stick to the syllabus in order to achieve the aim. Sainik School Syllabus is mentioned above but 2 topics are very important which are bold. Additionally maximum number of question are asked from these 2 Topics. i.e Noun and Adverb

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