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1. Which is the largest island in the world?
Ans: Greenland
2. Nitric acid doesn’t react with –(copper, iron, zinc or gold)
Ans: Gold
3. Pellagra & Scurvy diseases caused due to deficiency of which vitamin
Ans: Vitamin C
4. Jnanpith Award winner is a poet, Indira Goswami is a author, scholar of which language?
Ans: Assamese
5. Nanda Peak is situated in which state?
Ans: Uttarakhand
6. Under which Governor General was English education first brought to India?
Ans: Lord Macaulay
7. Electric heater consists of which metal?
Ans: Nichrome (80% nickel and 20% chromium)
6. Which curve shows the relationship between unemployment and rate of interest?
Ans: The Short-Run Phillips Curve
8. Evaporation after high temperatures is followed by which kind of rainfall?
Ans: 9. Finance commission was set up by Ans: Article 280
10. World Bank accepts monitor from –
11. Which committee under the Estimates Committee of Parliament is also called ‘twin sisters’?
Ans: Public Accounts Committee