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General Awareness Questions

  1. SEBI is –
  2. 2. Council of ministers can be sacked by President on the recommendation of the –Governor of a state.
  3. Cleanest form of energy –wind energy
  4. . Vikram Shila University established by – King Dharmapala
  5. Author of Meghdoot –Kalidas
  6. . Sharda Act related to-Child Marriage 
  7. First, battle of Panipat fought between Babar & –Ibrahim Lodi 
  8. Best way to treat non – biodegradable waste –recycle 

     9.Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi got which prize together – Nobel Peace Prize 

  1. Device used in data link layer –bridges and switches.
  2. Car while taking a turn experiences what kind of force?Centripetal force
  3. . Which trees are found in social forestry?
  4. First Indian origin women go to space –Kalpana Chawla