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SSC-CHSL Syllabus – Accent Hisar

SSC-CHSL Syllabus

  1. English (50 marks)

  2. Quantitative (50 marks)

  3. General Intelligence (50 marks)

  4. General knowledge (50 marks)

Section wise Syllabus for SSC CHSL Exam 2016

1) General Awareness Section (25 Questions / 50 Marks)

This is the less time consuming and high scoring section, only the condition is that, you have strong cramming power, as anything can be asked from this section. There is no defined syllabus for this section, and as such you need to memories so many things, to get at least 40 marks in this sections.

Over the years, we have analysed the previous papers to find out, what possible questions can be asked from this section

This section needs a regular update and complete knowledge. You should read a newspaper on a regular basis to get more knowledge of this section.

  •    This section covers general awareness of the environment and its surroundings. 

  •    Topics related to everyday science

  •    Knowledge about India and its neighboring countries (history, culture, geography, general science, economic and scientific research)

Here is the Detailed Syllabus for General Awareness Section

2) General Intelligence and Reasoning (25 Questions / 50 Marks)

If you appear for any of the competitive exams be it Banks, IBPS, UPSC , Railways, etc, then Reasoning these days, is part of every exam, and same is the case with the SSC CHSL Exam. Here, you will be asked 50 Reasoning Questions, carrying 50 Marks.

Preparing for reasoning is very easy and the difficulty level of this section is easy to moderate which you will easily get along with. You just have to go through each and every topic once and then decide where to start preparing from.

The Syllabus of Reasoning is somewhat defined, and we already knew, which topics, we need to prepare for Reasoning section

Here is the Detailed Syllabus of the Reasoning sections for CHSL 2016 Exam 

Here is the Marks wise Distribution of Topics for General Intelligence and Reasoning Section.

  1. Analogy  (Marks 9)

– Related word

– Related alphabet

– Related number

  1. Classification (Marks 9)

– Unclassified word

– Unclassified alphabet

– Related number

  1. Series Completion (6 marks)

– Number series

– Alphabetic series

– Alpha-Numeric series

– Miscellaneous series

  1. Coding-decoding (2-3 marks)

– Numer symbolic coding

– Direct coding

– Indirect coding 

  1. Blood relations (3 marks)

  1. Sitting arrangement (5 marks)

– Circular Sitting arrangement

– Linear Sitting arrangement

– Square Sitting arrangement

  1. Direction senses test (2 marks)

  1. Logical Venn diagrams (1-2 marks)

  1. Alphabet test (2 marks)

  1. Ranking test (2 marks)

  1. Mathematical operation (1 marks)

  1. Syllogism (1-2 marks)

  1. Non-verbal reasoning (5-6 marks)

3) English Section (25 Questions carrying 50 Marks)

English is the easiest section of this exam (right?). No, please don’t be over confident you can crack this exam only if you give proper attention to each section most importantly to English.

Again, this section is the one of the high scoring section of CHSL Exam. If you know a few basic Grammar rules, then you can easily score, 40-45 marks in this section.

The Questions in this sections comprises of : Sentence Correction, One word Substitution, Cloze Passage, Comprehension passage, Synonyms / Antonyms , Homophones, Idioms, Phrases, Commonly Mis-Spelt words, Narration, change of Voice, Use of Article, Adjectives, Adverbs, verbs etc

  •    Spot the Error (2-3 marks)

  •     Fill in the Blanks (2marks)

  •     Synonyms (2 marks)

  •     Antonyms (1-2 marks)

  •     Spellings/Detecting Misspelt words (5 marks)

  •     Idioms & Phrases (3-4 marks)

  •     One word substitution (2-3 marks)

  •     Improvement of Sentences (4-5 marks)

  •     Active/Passive Voice of Verbs (3 marks)

  •     Conversion into Direct/Indirect narration (2 marks)

  •     Shuffling of Sentence parts (3-5 marks)

  •     Shuffling of Sentences in a passage (3 marks)

  •     Cloze Passage (5 marks)

  •     Comprehension passage (5-10 marks)

4) Quantitative Aptitude  (25 Questions carrying 50 Marks)

This is Math’s section, and if you are not good at maths, then it can be nightmare for you. But, if you practice, practice and practice, then this section, can work in your favour and help you score enough marks, so that, you can easily be placed in the merit list. You still have 6 months to prepare for the exam. If, you give daily 2 hours to this section, then you can score 40-45 without much trouble.

This section is moderate to difficult. For some, this section is most easy but for some this section is a nightmare. But even if you don’t like quantitative you will have to study it if you want to clear the exam in the first attempt. Practice as much as you can it will only help you achieve confidence and better marks in the exam

The Questions from this section can be : Basic Maths, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry Mensuration, Statistics etc

Here, we complete with the Syllabus for SSC CHSL Exam 2016

This is just an assumption made from previous year papers. Please do not depend on above information it is necessary that you are aware that SSC has all rights to change entire pattern in any case. All you can do is study hard and prepare well.