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The exam will be conducted in different steps

  • Written Examination
  • Physical Efficiency Test
  • Interview
  • Physical Standard TestSSC CPO Coaching in Hisar
  • Medical Examination

The written examination will again be conducted in two steps

Paper 1

Paper 2

Paper 1 Pattern:-

Paper 1 will be constituting questions from the different subjects such as

English 50 Marks
Quantitative Aptitude 50 Marks
GK and Awareness 50 Marks
Genral Intelligence and Reasoning 50 Marks

The Paper will comprise 200 questions and will carry 200 Marks as total. Each question will carry 1 mark. The candidates will be given time period of 3 Hours to solve the paper.

Paper 2 Pattern:-

  • Paper 2 will comprise questions from English Language and Comprehension. There will 200 questions carrying 1 mark each. Candidates will be given 2 hours to solve the paper.
  • Note that the negative marking factor will also play its role in the marking. Each wrong answer will cost you loss of 0.25 marks from your total.
  • The examination can also be conducted online if required.
  • The selection process for the recruitment is also different from others.
  • All the candidates will give both the papers. But the candidates who will clear the first paper will be called for the PET.
  • Copies of the Second Paper will be evaluated of only those candidates who clear the PET.
  • Now since you have known about the Pattern of the examination, it is the time to know about the syllabus or study material that you have to study for the preparation of the examination.
  • SSC CPO Syllabus – Paper I 2018

    The SSC Combined Higher Secondary Level exam will consist of four subjects as below:

      1. General Intelligence & Reasoning
      2. General Awareness 
      3. Quantitative Aptitude
      4. English

    1. SSC CPO Syllabus – General Intelligence & Reasoning

    The questions will be of both verbal and non-verbal type. This component may include questions on:

    • Analogy

      Weightage: 6-8 questions.
      Question Type: Semantic Analogy, Symbolic/Number Analogy, Figural Analogy, Letter & Number, Image & Meaning based.

    • Classification

      Weightage: 6-7 questions.
      Question Type: Semantic Classification, Symbolic/Number Classification, Figural Classification.

    • Series

      Weightage: 3-5 questions.
      Question Type: Semantic Series, Number Series, Figural Series, Mixed Series, Series based on General Knowledge.

    • Coding Decoding

      Weightage: 3-4 questions.
      Question Type: Coding by analogy, coding by words, coding-decoding by letter shifting, etc.

    • Blood Relations

      Weightage: 1-3 questions.
      Question Type: Family Tree, Coded Blood Relation.

    • Ordering & Ranking

      Weightage: 1-2 questions.

    • Alphabet or Word Test

      Weightage: 3-5 questions.
      Question Type: Matrix, Jumbled words, sequence & word formation, Suffix etc.

    • Direction & Distance

      Weightage: 1-3 questions.
      Question Type: Problem based on route & network
      Tips: Shortcuts to solve Direction & Distance

    • Venn Diagrams

      Weightage: 4-5 questions.
      Question Type: Syllogisms, Logical, Venn Diagrams, etc.

    • Missing Number

      Weightage: 2-3 questions.
      Question Type: Matrix & Diagrams (Number & Alphabet based)

    • Puzzles

      Weightage: 2-3 questions.
      Question Type: Seating Arrangement, Circular Arrangement, Linear Arrangement, Double Line Up etc.

    • Data Sufficiency

      Weightage: 5-7 questions.
      Question Type: Arithmatic Operations, Cubes & Dices, etc.

    • Non-Verbal Reasoning

      Weightage: 5-7 questions
      Question Type: Cubes, Dices, Paper Folding, Counting Figures etc.

    Practice Logical Reasoning Quiz and improve yourself daily.

    SSC CPO Reasoning Quiz

    2. SSC CPO Syllabus – General Awareness

    • Polity

      Weightage: 3-5 questions.
      Question Type: Constitution of India, Judiciary, Government Portfolios etc.

    • Science & Technology

      Weightage: 10-13 questions.
      Question Type: Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Environment, Nutrition, Diseases, etc.

    • History

      Weightage: 6-7 questions.
      Question Type: Indian Freedom Struggle, Ancient & Medieval History.

    • Geography

      Weightage: 5-6 questions.
      Question Type: Indian Geography & World Geography.

    • Economy

      Weightage: 4-5 questions.
      Question Type: Indian & World Economy, Economic Organisation.

    • National & International Affairs

      Weightage: 10-11 questions.
      Question Type: National & International News, Days & Events, Government Policies & Schemes, etc.

    3. SSC CPO Syllabus – Quantitative Aptitude

    The questions will test your ability of appropriate use of numbers and ‘number sense’. The scope of the test will be:

    • Simplification

      Weightage: 4-5 questions.
      Question Type: BODMAS, Fraction, Decimal, Ratio & Proportion, etc.

    • Ratio & Proportions

      Weightage: 3-5 questions.
      Question Types: Simple Ratios, Compound Ratios, Direct & Indirect Proportion etc.

    • Mixture Problems

      Weightage: 0-2 questions.

    • Number System

      Weightage: 1-3 questions.
      Question Type: LCM, HCF, Integers, Rational Irrational Numbers.
      Tips: Divisibility Test for quick calculations 

    • Algebra

      Weightage: 4-6 questions.
      Question Type: Identities, Linear Equations, Quadratic Equations, etc.

    • Profit & Loss

      Weightage: 4-5 questions.
      Question Type: Problem related to Dishonest Dealings, Successive Selling, Partnership & Discount and MP.

    • Average

      Weightage: 2-5 questions.
      Question Type: Average Weight/Height/Age/Marks, Average Money Expenditure, Average Temperature etc.

    • Percentage

      Weightage: 1-2 questions.
      Question Type: Calculation-oriented basic percentage Questions.

    • Time and Work

      Weightage: 1-2 questions.
      Question Types: Work Efficiency, Work & Wages, Pipe & Cistern, Time & Work.

    • Interest

      Weightage: 1-2 questions.
      Question Type: Simple, Compound, Interest etc.

    • Speed, Time & Distance

      Weightage: 1-3 questions.
      Question Type: Problems on Trains, Boats, Rivers, Relative Speed, etc.

    • Mensuration

      Weightage: 3-5 questions.
      Question Type: Problems related to area & volume.
      Tips: Shortcut Tricks 

    • Geometry

      Weightage: 4-6 questions.
      Question Type: Triangles, Circles, Chords, Quadrilaterals, etc.

    • Trigonometry

      Weightage: 3-5 questions.
      Question Types: Heights and Distances, Trigonometric Ratios and Identities etc.

    • Data Interpretation

      Weightage: 4-5 questions.
      Question Type: Pie Chart, Line Chart, Bar Graph, Table.

    Attempt Quantitative Aptitude mini quiz and analyse your performance daily.

  • 4. SSC CPO Syllabus – English Comprehension

    The SSC CPO exam aims to check how well you can understand correct English and your basic comprehension and writing ability, etc.

    • Grammar Section

      Weightage: 8-10 questions.
      Question Type: Error Spotting, Phrase Replacement, Fill in the Blanks etc.
      Tips: General Grammar Tips

    • Vocabulary

      Weightage: 20-30 questions.
      Question Type: Cloze Test, Synonym Antonym, Spellings, Idiom Meaning, One Word Replacement.

    • Reading Comprehension

      Weightage: 5-10 questions.
      Question Type: The passage will focus on topics like moral stories, humanities (medicine, psychology, arts, human behaviour, etc.), social issues economy, business, etc.

    Practice English Quiz daily for free & assess your performance!

    SSC CPO English Quiz

    SSC CPO Syllabus – Paper II 2018

    Paper 2 of SSC CPO 2018 will consist of English only. Also, this exam will be a descriptive exam. The questions in this components will be designed to test your understanding and knowledge of English Language (Vocabulary, grammar and Spellings) and will be based on:

    • Error recognition
    • Filling in the blanks (using verbs, preposition, articles etc)
    • Sentence Structure
    • Synonyms & Antonyms
    • Sentence Completion
    • Phrases and Idiomatic use of Words
    • Comprehension, etc.

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