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Here Teacher Teaches with Tricky Techniques (…Has been awarded for Best Institute Award on 5 Sept. 2016)………
Tricky Methods based on left brain……which…
Improves your memory
Enhances your imagination
Retrieves important information
Sensory stimulation

Data Interpretation :-

As all of you know Data can be written or represented in 4 Forms

1. Numrical :- Data in numercial form
2. Table Form :- Data in Tabular form
3. Mixed form :- Data in Mix Form
4. Graphical form Like Line ,Bar graph etc.

Must Have Tips for DI and DA  :-

1. Always keep in your Mind that in the circular Graph or Charts 100% =360 Degree .

2.Formulas and Full Concept of Percentage ,Average, Approx. Value and Ratio.

3.While solving keeps in mind that which Type of Graph is using in the question this will help you to get the correct answer.

4.First Read the Question and try to interrupt in the question as the Topics says DATA INTERPRETATION.Because every bank wants the PO who can handle and Play with numbers of Figures just in few seconds and not just calculate it with closed eyes.

5.The whole of the DA concept is based on Calculation so if you want to be perfect in DA and DI don’t even use calculator at home while practicing .One who can calculate fast and accurate even Large numbers without calculator is 50% ready for the Any Aptitude test.

6.Try to use your mind while solving DA questions. Try to write only important Lines on the paper and Others just write and calculate in your Mind.This can be easily done by practicing More and More at Home.

7. Don’t feel confusing and no need to Try and Solve all the questions only Focus on questions with you are more familiar and you find yourself in such a way that you can solve the question accurately.

8.Try to solve all types of Questions while practicing this will not confuse you in the exam.