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Be curious ……. Learn more English facts

Be curious……… Learn more English Facts…… By Ajay Sharma

Dear Reader, here you will learn interesting facts related to the English Language

The longest word in any of the major English language dictionaries is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, a word that refers to a lung disease contracted from the inhalation of very fine silica particles, specifically from a volcano; medically, it is the same as silicosis.

This is actually a name of a disease except this 

antidisestablishmentarianism (means opposition to the disestablishment) is considered the longest word in the English Language but Merriam-webster explains it as follow:If you said antidisestablishmentarianism, you’re wrong. The longest word in Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary is currently electroencephalographically, which means “by using electroencephalography to examine a patient,” as in, “Have you examined the patient electroencephalographically?”


We can’t put antidisestablishmentarianism in the dictionary because there’s hardly any record of its use as a real word. It’s only cited as an example of a long word—which is not the same thing.

English facts by Ajay Sir 

An Amazing Angreji Adhyapak At Accent Hisar, Ajay Sharma

An Amazing Angreji Adhyapak At Accent Hisar, Ajay Sharma