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Cloze Test Set 27 Based on The Hindu by Ajay Sir

Cloze Test Based on The Hindu Editorial (Dated 26th Nov 2016)
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Appointing a Lokpal

        By admonishing the Union government for  (1)  the appointment of a Lokpal, the Supreme Court has sent a timely message that efforts to cleanse the economy must be matched by equally  (2)  measures to cleanse public life too. There can really be no excuse for the failure to establish an institution even three years after  (3)  the relevant law. The only reason for the delay in the appointment of the Lokpal is that a  (4)  amendment to the Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act, 2013, to enable the leader of the largest party in the opposition in the Lok Sabha to join the five-member selection committee, is yet to be passed. A parliamentary committee has  (5)  the amendment, which is on the same lines as the mechanism for the selection panels for the Central Vigilance Commissioner and the Chief Information Commissioner. The court has  (6)  that it will not allow the institution to remain  (7)  indefinitely,  (8)  apprehension on the Centre’s part that a judicial direction may be given to get the amendment passed or an ordinance promulgated. The Centre needs to re-examine its own options on  (9)  the Lokpal Act. The law now provides for a five-member panel to select the anti-corruption ombudsman, comprising the Prime Minister, the Lok Sabha Speaker, the Leader of the Opposition, the Chief Justice of India and an eminent jurist. The hitch is that there is no recognized LoP in the lower House. The question now is whether the Centre is right in  (10)  the Congress floor leader cannot hold that post because its bench strength is well short of the required 55.


  1. a) announcing   
  2. b) delaying  
  3. c) making  
  4. d) implementing    
  5. e) declaring


  1. a) active  
  2. b) effective 
  3. c) important  
  4. d) strong   
  5. e) organized


  1. a) Passing    
  2. b) declaring 
  3. c) implementing   
  4. d) intimating   
  5. e) announcing   


  1. a) important 
  2. b) major 
  3. c) minor  
  4. d) undesired   
  5. e) unregulated


  1. a) released 
  2. b) endorsed  
  3. c) rejected 
  4. d) discussed  
  5. e) analyzed


  1. a) Agreed  
  2. b) announced 
  3. c) indicated  
  4. d) decided  
  5. e) declared


  1. a) open  
  2. b) functional 
  3. c) silent 
  4. d) independent  
  5. e) inoperative


  1. a) evoking 
  2. b) making 
  3. c) improving 
  4. d) implementing   
  5. e) delaying


  1. a) declaring    
  2. b) Changing 
  3. c) announcing 
  4. d) implementing       
  5. e) Passing 


  1. a) Altering 
  2. b) collaborating   
  3. c) claiming 
  4. d) arguing  
  5. e) accepting


1) b   2) d   3) a   4) c   5) b   6) c   7) e   8) a   9) d   10) c 

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