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Comprehension passage class 6 Sainik School

Sainik and Military School are very crucial exams. For Practice we have provided you the Reading Comprehension passage for class 6 Sainik School. Practice makes a man perfect. Therefore on this website you will find the important content for sainik and Military School.

Why Reading Comprehension is Important:

  1. They don’t just useful for exam!
  2. You can use them to enhance your reading speed.
  3. They might look easy but may be tricky to atttempt.

    Where should practice reading comprehension?

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Passage – 1

  • Directions: (1 to 5) Read the following passage and answer the questions.

Once a crow was looking for something to eat. Suddenly, he saw a piece of cheese. Lifting the piece in his beak, he flew to a tree nearby. A fox wandering in search of food saw the crow and his piece of cheese. His mouth watered. He was very cunning. He said to the crow, “You are a fine bird. Your wings are very pretty. Your voice must be very sweet, would you not sing me a song?” The foolish crow opened his beak to sing. The piece of cheese fell down. The fox ate it up and ran away.

  1. Where did he go?
    (a) To his nest
    (b) To a tree
    (c) To a roof
    (d) To a house
  2. Who was looking for food?
    (a) A crow
    (b) A pigeon
    (c) A fox
    (d) A parrot
  3. Who saw the crow?
    (a) A pigeon
    (b) A parrot
    (c) A vixen
    (d) A fox
  4. What did he ask the crow?
    (a) To give cheese to him
    (b) To give his share
    (c) To sing a song
    (d) None of these
  5. What did he see?
    (a) A piece of bread
    (b) A piece of chapati
    (c) A piece of meat
    (d) A piece of cheese

Comprehension passage class 6 Sainik School

Answer Key of Passage 1 :-         1.– B          2. – A             3. – D              4. – C              5. – D


Passage – 2

  • Directions: (6 to 10) Read the following passage and answer the questions.

There is an interesting story, about a rabbit and his grandpa. It happened, on a full-moon night. Our friend, the rabbit had gone out for a stroll when he met a cunning Jackal. Luckily for Mr. Rabbit, Mr. Jackal had a very hearty meal that night. So, instead of making Mr. Rabbit his dinner, Mr. Jackal decided to have only some fun at the expense of Mr. Jackal decided to have only some fun at the expense of Mr. Rabbit. He said to Mr. Rabbit, “Look up there. Your grandpa is waiting for you, on the moon. Don’t you want to go up there and see him? “Mr. Rabbit was taken in. He did not understand, that cunning Mr. Jackal was only trying to befool him. He paid no heed, to the advice of his dear mother and went from friend to friend, seeking help in reaching reached the moon.

  1. What did he say to Mr. Rabbit?
    (a) that his grandfather is waiting for him on the moon
    (b) that his grandfather is waiting for him at home
    (c) that his father is calling him
    (d) None of these
  2. When did Mr. Rabbit meet Mr. Jackal?
    (a) in the evening
    (b) in the morning
    (c) full moon night
    (d) at night
  3. Find the word which means the same as given below ‘deceived’.
    (a) befool
    (b) heed
    (c) cunning
    (d) taken in
  4. The Jackal was very
    (a) foolish
    (b) cunning
    (c) coward
    (d) helpful
  5. Why did Mr. Jackal not eat up Mr. Rabbit?
    (a) he did not like rabbit
    (b) he did not want to kill Mr. Rabbit
    (c) because his stomach was full
    (d) Mr. Rabbit escaped


Answer Key Passage 2 :-    6. – A           7. – C         8. – D              9. – B               10. – C


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