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Daily updated quizzes that cover the topics like Ramon Magsaysay Award 2016, Kudankulam Plant Unit-2 and President of Brazil among others.

1. Which of the following Indian(s) received the Ramon Magsaysay Award 2016?
a) Thodur Madabusi Krishna
b) Bezwada Wilson
c) Both of them
d) None of them

2. The Kudankulam Plant Unit-2 was in August 2016 synchronised with Southern Power Grid at which state?
a) Tamil Nadu
b) Karnataka
c) Kerala
d) Puducherry

3. Who was sworn in as President of Brazil in August 2016?
a) Dilma Rousseff
b) Michel Temer
c) Lula da Silva
d) Fernando Henrique

4. Who was appointed as the CEO of Microsoft Accelerator in India recently?
a) Ravi Narayan
b) Surya Kant
c) R Chandrashekhar
d) Bala Girisaballa

5. Name the noted poet who wrote Sindur ki Raakh in 1955 and died recently?
a) Kashmiri Lal Zakir
b) Rajbir Deswal
c) Nida Fazli
d) Sukanta Bhattacharya

6. Name the Indian-origin software industry veteran who was recently appointed the CEO of US-based company ANSYS.
a) Rakesh Singh
b) Ashok Chawla
c) Ajei Gopal
d) Richard Verma

7. As per a latest study, about how much percent is the 300 Billion Cubic Metre water in River Ganga is contaminated by arsenic?
a) 35%
b) 40%
c) 55%
d) 27%

8. Who was recently appointed the Chancellor of TERI University?
a) Ashok Chawla
b) R.K. Pachauri
c) Rakesh Singh
d) None of the above

9. Indian sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik recently won the People’s Choice Prize for his sand sculpture at the ninth Moscow Sand Sculpture Championship 2016. What was his sand sculpture titled?
a) World Peace- Mahatma Gandhi
b) The Incredibles – Legends of World Peace
c) The Legend of Bhagat Singh
d) Mahatma Gandhi – World Peace

10. Name the famous humanist French photographer who died recently.
a) Marc Riboud
b) Robert Doisneau
c) Eugene Atget
d) None of the above

11. Name the person who headed the commission that was constituted to probe the controversial land deals in Gurgaon including Robert Vadra`s land deals.
a) Justice SN Dhingra
b) Madhukar Gupta
c) T Jacob
d) Tarun Ramadorai

12. Name the state who’s Chief Minister decided to share his thoughts on different issues through the radio for 10 minutes every month?
a) Haryana
b) Delhi
c) Odisha
d) Karnataka

Who of the following was re-elected as the President of Gabon?

a) Daniel Ona Ondo
b) Jean Ping
c) Ali Bongo Ondimba
d) Guy Nzouba-Ndama

14. The two days BRICS Convention on Tourism began at which World heritage site of India?
a) Khajuraho
b) Hampi
c) Pattadakal
d) Sanchi

15. The Union Cabinet approved creation of a Project Development Fund (PDF) for catalysing Indian economic presence in the CLMV countries. Which of the following is not a part of this CLMV country?
a) Cambodia
b) Laos
c) Malaysia
d) Vietnam


1. (c) Both of them
2. (a) Tamil Nadu
3. (b) Michel Temer
4. (d) Bala Girisaballa
5. (a) Kashmiri Lal Zakir
6. (c) Ajei Gopal
7. (b) 40%
8. (a) Ashok Chawla
9. (d) Mahatma Gandhi – World Peace
10. (a) Marc Riboud
11. (a) Justice SN Dhingra
12. (c) Odisha
13. (c) Ali Bongo Ondimba
14. (a) Khajuraho
15. (c) Malaysia