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Daily updated quizzes that cover the topics like Gold medal in Rio Paralympics, 2016 Lemelson-MIT Prize, BRICS Urbanisation Forum Meet and National Hindi Divas among others.

1.    Sikkim’s Sushmita Rai was recently in the news. She belongs to which of the following fields?
a)    Chess
b)    Singing
c)    Kick Boxing
d)    Swimmer

2.    Who won the 2016 MCC Murugappa Gold Cup Hockey Tournament?
a)    Indian Oil Corporation
b)    Hockey Unit of Tamil Nadu
c)    Food Corporation of India
d)    Indian Railways

3.    Name the Indian para-athlete who recently became the first Indian to win two gold medals at the Paralympics.
a)    Devendra Jhajharia
b)    Deven Jhajharia
c)    Deepa Malik
d)    None of the above

4.    Where the 3rd edition of BRICS Urbanisation Forum Meet is being held?
a)    New Delhi
b)    Mumbai
c)    Vishakhapatnam
d)    Hyderabad

5.    The National Hindi Divas is annually celebrated on which of the following days?
a)    10 September
b)    14 September
c)    13 September
d)    12 September

6.    Name the Indian American who won the 2016 Lemelson-MIT Prize.
a)    Rajesh Bhaskar
b)    Ramesh Raskar
c)    Revati Puranik
d)    Bob Patel

7.    Indian para-athlete Devendra Jhajharia recently won gold medal in which of the following events of Rio Paralympics?
a)    Racing
b)    Cycling
c)    Javelin Throw
d)    Shotput

8.    Track Asia Cup Cycling event recently commenced in which of the following cities?
a)    Mumbai
b)    Bengaluru
c)    Jaipur
d)    New Delhi

9.    Name the country with which, China agreed to manage their differences over territorial disputes in the South China Sea.
a)    Indonesia
b)    Vietnam
c)    Malaysia
d)    Brunei

10.    Who of the following headed the Task force that submitted its report on a road map for elimination of poverty to the Prime Minister’s Office?
a)    Arvind Panagariya
b)    Bibek Debroy
c)    Rahul Mukerjee
d)    Amitabh Kant

11.    Who of the following topped the list of most powerful women based outside the US released by Fortune?
a)    Ana Botin
b)    Ornella Barra
c)    Maria Ramos
d)    Erica Mann

12.    SBI chief Arundhati Bhattacharya was placed at which position in Fortune’s list of most powerful women based outside the US?
a)    Second
b)    Third
c)    Sixth
d)    Eleventh

13.    Name the noted animal rights activist from India who died recently.
a)    Rukmini Devi
b)    Barry Horne
c)    Claude Lila Parulekar
d)    None of the above

14.    Who will be India’s flag bearer in the closing ceremony of Rio Paralympics?
a)    Deepa Malik
b)    Thangavelu Mariyappan
c)    Devendra Jhajharia
d)    Rajinder Singh

15.    Name the typhoon that became the strongest in 21 years that brought violent winds in Taiwan.
a)    Nakri
b)    Meranti
c)    Haikui
d)    Yutu

1. (c) Kick Boxing
2. (d) Indian Railways
3. (a) Devendra Jhajharia
4. (c) Vishakhapatnam
5. (b) 14 September
6. (b) Ramesh Raskar
7. (c) Javelin Throw
8. (d) New Delhi
9. (b) Vietnam
10. (a) Arvind Panagariya
11. (a) Ana Botin
12. (a) Second
13. (c) Claude Lila Parulekar
14. (b) Thangavelu Mariyappan
15. (b) Meranti