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General Science : Biology Quiz 2

General Science : Biology Quiz 2


1. Lipid bi layer is
[A] hydrophilic
[B] hydrophobic
[C] hydrophilic and hydrophobic
[d] depends on the surrounding medium

Answer: [c] hydrophilic and hydrophobic

 2. Which among the following hormone can be used as a drug to treat cardiac arrest and some other cardiac problems?
Answer: Epinephrine

3. The popular drug “Acetylsalicylic Acid” is commonly known by which among the following names? [A]Paracetamol
Answer: Aspirin

 4. Which among the following kinds of lenses is used to treat Astigmatism?
[A]Convex Lens
[B]Concave Lens
[C]Bifocal Lens
Answer: Cylindrical

5. Which among the following lens is used to correct Presbyopia?
Answer: Bifocal

 6. Atropine extracted from deadly nightshade (Atropa belladonna), jimsonweed (Datura stramonium), mandrake (Mandragora officinarum) and other plants of the same family. Identify the family.
Answer: Solanaceae

7. A bacteriophage is ______
1. A Kind of Virus
2. Living Organism
3. Found rarely in nature
Which among the above is / are correct?
[A]Only 1
[B]1 & 2
[C]2 & 3
[D]1 & 3
Answer: Only 1

8. Trimethylxanthine is a chemical name of a stimulant which is found in tea and coffee. What is the popular name?
Answer: Caffeine

9. Cirrhosis is a disease that affects which of the following organs?
[D]Small Intestine
Answer: Liver

10. The acidic medium of gastric juice along with an enzyme Pepsin breaks the proteins down into smaller parts known as _____?
[D]Amino Acids
Answer: Peptones

 11. Respiration in earthworms takes place by :
1. Simple Diffusion
2. Via Skin
3. Specialized Respiratory cells
Choose the correct options:
[A]Only 1
[B]1 & 2
[C]2 & 3
[D]1, 2 & 3
Answer: 1 & 2

12. In which among the following organ, “Bowman’s Capsule” is found?
Answer: Kidney

13. The prokaryotes possess:
1. Only 1 Cell
2. Only 1 stranded DNA
3. Only 1 Chromosome Choose the correct options: [A]Only 1
[B]1 & 2
[C]2 & 3
[D]1, 2 & 3
Answer: 2 & 3

14. Effective TB treatment is difficult because of the unusual structure and chemical composition of the which among the following parts of the cells of Tuberculosis Bacteria (Mycobacterium tuberculosis)?
[A]Cell Membrane
[B]Cell Wall
Answer: Cell Wall

15. What is the World Health Organization (WHO) criteria for leprosy elimination?
[A]1 case in 1000 individuals
[B]1 case in 10,000 individuals
[C]1 case in 100,000 individuals
[D]1 case in 10,00,000 individuals
Answer: 1 case in 10,000 individuals

16. Which among the following blood protein regulates the amount of water in plasma?
Answer: Albumin