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“बीच रास्ते से लौटने का कोई फायदा नहीं क्योंकि लौटने पर आपको उतनी ही दूरी तय करनी पड़ेगी जितनी दूरी तय करने पर आप लक्ष्य तक पहुँच सकते है|”

Suraj Sharma and Ajay Sharma are very young-dynamic motivational speakers, keynote speakers and corporate trainers and largely deliver motivational seminars in Hindi & English. They are known for being a risk taker and inspiring people to become leaders. They have delivered various inspiring seminars & have helped many of the hopeless to achieve their aim.
SURAJ SHARMA(Founder-Managing Director Accent Coaching Institute Hisar), AJAY SHARMA(Founder-Managing Director Accent Coaching Institute Hisar), they have turned down many highly paid corporate jobs to establish this Institute(ACCENT COACHING INSTITUTE HISAR) because of zeal, enthusiasm & Passion for teaching and training. We aren’t just passionate about the education but passionate about making futures of others.

we are know for:

  • Personal Engagement: The Great Motivational Speakers are different than normal speakers as they just don’t give some speeches to the audience instead they create a personal engagement with the audience. They go deeper into each listener and then find their weaknesses. Then they find a solution to overcome those weak points and gets to the aim of action.
  • Influence People: Great inspirational personalities influence people in their own unique way. They don’t let others feel jealous or hatred. The really effective motivational speakers listen to the people, enjoy their company and influence the thoughts and emotions of the audience.

Why Skills Training?

With graduate recruiters looking for more than an academic record, you need to stand out from the crowd. Skills Training sessions will not only enhance your CV, but help you develop key life skills in an engaging way. By reflecting on the skills you need to strengthen, and undertaking a training session to develop, you can show that you can:

  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • Reflect on your behaviors
  • Proactively change or manage yourself
  • Realistically set personal targets and goals
  • Shape your own future
  • Be a dynamic personality


NOTE: Accent Coaching Institute is a training institute where you can change your personality dynamically and get the real yourself.


“हम चाहें तो अपने आत्मविश्वास और मेहनत के बल पर अपना भाग्य खुद लिख सकते है और अगर हमको अपना भाग्य लिखना नहीं आता तो परिस्थितियां हमारा भाग्य लिख देंगी|”

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