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Puzzles Set- 01- Banking Reasoning – Accent Institute Hisar – Suraj Sir

Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below: –
Seven persons namely Paramjit, Tarun, Morya, Jeeva, Vaani, Ram and Waqar are good friends and are studying in M.Com, M.A. and M.Sc courses. Three are doing M.Com, two are in M.A. and another two are in M.Sc. Each of them has a very distinct and favorite color choice ranging from blue, red, yellow, white, black, pink and brown but not necessarily in the same order. None doing M.Com like either red or black. Morya is doing M.A. and he likes blue. Ram is doing M.Sc and likes brown. Jeeva is doing M.Com and likes yellow. Paramjit who does not like red is in the same discipline of Ram. Tarun is in the same discipline of Morya. Vaani does not like pink.
Q1. Which among the following groups is doing M. Com?
a) Jeeva, Vaani and Waqar
b) Vaani, Waqar and Tarun
c) Jeeva, Vaani and Tarun
d) Jeeva, Paramjit and Ram
Q2. What is the color combination choice of those who are in M.Sc discipline?
a) Brown and Pink
b) Black and White
c) Black and Brown
d) Yellow and Black
e) None of The Above
Q3. Which color does Vaani like?
a) Yellow
b) Pink
c) White
d) Brown
e) None of The Above
Q4. What is the color combination choice of those who are in M.A. discipline?
a) Red and Black
b) Blue and Red
c) Blue and Black
d) None of The Above
Q5. Morya is related with which discipline?
a) M.Sc.
b) M.A.
c) M.Com
Answer 1. (Option A)
Answer 2. (Option C)
Answer 3. (Option C)
Answer 4. (Option B)
Answer 5. (Option B)