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Questions Asked in Evening Shift-2nd of 27th August 2016
General Awareness Questions from CGL 2nd Shift

1) Name the First field Marshal of India ?

Ans. Sam Manekshaw

2) British Viceroy , assassinated in India ?

Ans. Lord Mayo

3) First Indian, to win the medal in RIO Olympics ?

Ans. Sakshi Malik

4) Which is the most toxic air pollutant (Among the List) ?

5) Which is the Smallest Island country in the Indian Ocean Region ?

Ans. Maldives

6) A Question is asked on the “Purpose of Monetary Policy ” ?

7) What is the Main Objective of “Fiscal Policy” ?

8) Who appoints the Head of Public Accounts Committee (PAC) ?

Ans. Speaker of Lok Sabha

9) Who is the Founder of Theosophical Society ?

Ans. Helena Blavatsky

10) Which among the following taxes is collected by States ?

11) What changes occur at Boiling point ?

12) Why water spreads, when mercury is place on a glass plate. ?

13) What is  Motor neuron in brain ?

14) Who was awarded Ramon Magsaysay Award 2016 ?

15) Recently boundary  of Indian is demarcated with which country ?