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Previous year SSC-CGL Tier-2nd Marks distribution by Ajay Sharma

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Latest Expected marks distribution for SSC-CGL Tier-2nd

English(200 Marks)

Topics                                                   Marks

  • Error Finding                                       20

  • Active-Passive                                       20

  • Narration(Direct-Indirect) –          (25-27)

  • Sentence Improvement                        20

  • Fill in the blanks                                      10

  • Cloze Test                                                    20

  • Sentence Arrangement                          20

  • Reading Comprehension                       30

  • Vocab +  Errors in Spelling                 (10-15)

  • One word substitution                           10

  • Idiom                                                             10

  • Miscellaneous-Question Tags             (5-10)


Tips to crack SSC Tier-2nd

English Language & Comprehension

There will be 200 questions each carrying 1 mark.

There would be negative marking for every incorrect answer.  0.25 mark will be deducted from your total score for each wrong answer. So, if you are unsure about a particular question it is advisable not to attempt it.

The pattern of this section is very similar to tier 1 but the difficulty level is higher in this tier.

Around 40- 50 % of question are grammar based. So, if you are good with the language you won’t face too many hurdles in attempting this paper.

Read the newspapers like The Hindu, Indian Express etc.I guess only the editorial section is checked properly – try reading those. Books on grammar and practicing exam pattern questions would surely help you to stand out from the crowd.

Enhance your Vocabulary…..through Newspaper.

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