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Conditional errors by Ajay Sir Set-2nd

Most important Conditional sentence errors Examples by Ajay Sir


1. (a) If I had been there/ (b) I would make/ (c) a speech. / (d) No error 

 2.  (a) I will help / (b) him provided / (c) he mends his ways. / (d) No error 

3. (a) If I had money, / (b) I would lend / (c) it to you. / (d) No error 

4. (a) If he will work hard / (b)/ he will surely / (c) get the job of his choice. / (d) No
5.(a) Unless I do not / (b) see his ticket, / (c) I will not let him sit here. / (d) No error

6.(a) Before the police will come / (b) You should better /(c) get the anticipatory bail./ (d) No error

police are plural so use, come, instead of comes.
7. (a) We will come to know the truth / (b) after / (c) the investigation finished. /(d) No error

8. (a) Until the train will not get the signal, (b) it will not / (c) leave the platform. / (d)
No error

9. (a) If I had money/ (b) I will have lent / (c) it to her. / (d) No error

10. (a) If I was you/ (b) I would not tolerate him / (c) for a moment. / (d) No error

Answers & Explanations: (1 to 10)

  1. Error is in (b) would have made
  2. No Error
  3. No Error
  4.  The error is in (a) If he works hard…. with IF sentence “WILL” won’t come.
  5. Error is in (a) we don’t use “NOT” with unless.. so correct is .. unless I see
  6. with BEFORE the uses of Will/Shall is wrong, so remove WILL…
  7.  The error is in (c) investigation has finished…
  8.  Error is in (a)  train gets
  9. would lend is right, if there is if+had+had then would have lent will be right… but if+v2 > would+v1
  10. if I were you.

11. (a) Suppose she does not agree/ (b)what could/ (c) we do ? / (d) No error

12. (a) Supposing if you do not reach / (b) the station in time,/ (c) what will you do? / (d) No error

13. (a) If you saw a tiger / (b) what will your / (c) reaction be?/ (d) No error

14. (a) If I had two houses, / (b) I would have given / (c) one to you./ (d) No error

15. (a) If we will heat dry ice / (b) it turns / (c) to vapour. / (d) No error


16. (a) “Suppose if you are / (b) late, you will be / (c) in trouble.” / (d) No error.

17. a) Unless / (b) he will not understand the concept/ (c) he will not be able to solve the
questions. / (d) No error

18. (a) If he tried again,/ (b) he can pass the exam/ (c) with flying colours. / (d) No error

19. (a) I will wait for you / (b) unless / (c) you come. / (d) No error

20. (a) If I was you / (b) I would teach/ (c) him a lesson. / (d) No error


Answers & Explanations: (11-20)

11. suppose+v1 > then other modal auxiliary verb will also be in the present.
so COULD will be replaced by the CAN.

12. suppose and if cannot be used together, so remove if …

13. Replace WILL by WOULD.

14. would give 

15. Error in part (a)  remove WILL .

16. remove if

17. unless he understands

18. COULD…. will be used because “if clause” is in the past.

19. UNTIL will be used.

20. if I were you is right

21. (a) If I were the Prime Minister of India / (b) I will work for the / (c) welfare of the poor. / (d) No error

22. (a) If she would have come to me / (b) I would have given her the / (c) money she needed / (d) No error

23. (a) If he drove fast/ (b) he can reach the station / (c) in time / (d) No error

24. (a) If I were a millionire/ (b) I would support / (c) the millennium project / (d) No error

25. a) If both of you stood / (b) on the table/ (c) it would have broken/ (d) No error

26. (a) If you had seen me, / (b) you should have stopped your car / (c) and come to help
me. / (d) No error

27. (a) If the Government will make strict law/ (b) the law and order situation / (c) will improve. / (d) No error

28. (a) But for his help / (b) the patient would / (c) have died. / (d) No error

29. (a) But for his prompt action / (b) many people would/ (c) have lost their savings. /
(d) No error

30. (a) I will not come / (b) in case / (c) it will rain. / (d) No error 

Answers & Explanations: (21-30)

21. if+v2>> would..so will into would

22. if she had come to me,

23. if+past tense ,so change can into could..

24. here is spelling error..millionaire

25. would break is right…

26. No Error…. it is not necessary to use would… it depends.. we can use could/should

27. Error is in part (a) remove will …

28. No Error ,,,here but means without…

29. No Error…

30. it rains

31. (a) Had the river overflown its bank,/ (b) flood would / (c) have come. / (d) No error

32. (a) Had I known him, / (b) I would allow him / (c) to enter my house. / (d) No error

33. (a) You will not get well / (b) unless you will not / (c) follow the doctor’s instructions./ (d) No error

34. (a) Supposing if he refuses / (b) to meet you, / (c) what will you do? / (d) No error

35. (a) When you complete your service / (b) you will be / (c) retired on pension / (d) No error

36. (a) Were she I, / (b) she will not allow/ (c) you to go anywhere at this time of crisis./ (d) No error

37. (a) I told her when / (b) she came to Delhi,/ (c) I would show her all historical monuments. / (d) No error

38. (a) You can scale this high peak, / (b) provided you/ (c) will wear the right kind of shoes. / (d) No error

39. (a) Had you / (b) worked hard/ (c) you will have passed./ (d) No error 

40. (a) When I shall see him/ (b) I shall/ (c) tell him/ (d) No error. 


Answers & Explanations: (31-40)

31. overflowed is a right verb third form

32. would have allowed him..

33. unless you follow

34. remove if

35. “when you have completed your service” is right .

36. would is right.

37. add THAT after I told her …

38. remove WILL

39. will into would…

40. when I see him… 

41. (a) He will tell you/ (b) about it when/ (c) he will come back/ (d) No error 
42. (a) When I will get back/ (b) I shall pay back/ (c) the money that I borrowed/ (d) from you last month.

43. (a) I will/ (b) meet him/ (c) when he will come./ (d) No error 
44. a) Had I realized/ (b) your house was such a long way off, / (c) I would take a taxi./ (d) No error.

45. (a) Had he invited me / (b) I would have attended / (c) the function. / (d) No error
46. (a) If he had called me up / (b) I would inform / (c) him ./ (d) No error 

47. (a) If you went to bed / (b)  earlier you  / (c) would not be so tired./ (d) No error 


48. (a) If I were taller, / (b) I would buy / (c) this dress. / (d) No error

49. (a) I shall take you for a long drive /(b) after you /(c)  return from the meeting./ (d) No error

50.  (a) If I spoke Italian /(b) I would be /(c) working in Italy./ (d) No error

Answers & Explanations:(41-50)

41. he comes.

42. when I get back.

43. when he comes.

44. would have taken.

45. no error

46. I would have informed

47. no error

48. No Error

49. have returned

50. No Error

 New Type of Conditional Sentences:


It’s (high) time + past subjunctive expresses that something should be done and that it is already a bit late:

* It’s time you went to bed. You’ll have to get up early tomorrow.
It’s high time I bought a new pair of jeans.
* It’s about time this road was completed.They’ve been working on it for months.

When we say that the right time has arrived for something and we are still in time, we can use the following patterns:

It’s time (for you) to go to bed.
It’s time to say
It’s time for breakfast.