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Analogy Test – 04 Accent Institute Hisar By Suraj Sir

BOAST : LANGUAGE :: SWAGGER : (____) A. anger B. gait C. sight D. wealth BELITTLE : DISPARAGE :: (____) : RIDICULE A.jeopardize B. efface C. assuage D. deride (____) : INNOCUOUS :: REPREHENSIBLE : PRAISEWORTHY A. pretentious B. virulent C. antiseptic D. widespread (____) : MINIMALIST :: ORNATE : UNADORNED A.Rococo B. Cubist C. […]

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Reasoning Practice Set 05 – Accent Hisar – Suraj Sir

Direction (Q. 1-5): Study the following information to answer the given questions. In a certain code language, ‘summer is not pleasant always’ is written as ‘mo ra tic su na’, ‘pleasant season is spring’ is written as ‘die ra nic mo’, ‘always likes spring’ is written as ‘phi su nic’, and ‘hot summer season’ is written as ‘tic ga die’. Which […]

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Ranking System

In a group of 40 girls, when latha was shifted by 4 places towards her right, then she become 12th from the left end what was her earlier position from the right end of the row? 1) 34              2) 32                3) 33      4) […]

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