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Tips & Tricks for Cloze Test By Ajay Sir ACCENT CONCEPT

What is Cloze Test????????  Explained by Ajay Sir – The Unprecedented Concept ACCENT CONCEPT

Definition of Cloze Test:

is an exercise, test, or assessment consisting of a portion of text with certain words removed, in which one is asked to supply words that have been removed from a passage in order to measure one’s ability to comprehend text. Cloze tests provide evidence of how easy a text is to read and understand for a specified target audience.

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What are Cloze Reading Exercises

Cloze reading exercises are short passages or paragraphs where you supply the missing words which have been removed from the test’s passage.

A Cloze Reading Test can be referred to as a “deletion test”, as key words in the passage are left blank or deleted for you to fill in. Close Test activity or procedure is also referred to as an English exercise or assessment quiz. Cloze tests are great vocabulary builders and are indicative of your level of English comprehension.

Cloze Reading Test Types

Cloze reading test can be multiple choice, where you may be required to choose from a list of words to “fill in” the blanks, or be required to select the best word to complete the sentence based on your vocabulary skills. In the latter, the students answers may vary but are required to make grammatical sense.


Cloze reading tests are used by teachers to measure how well a student comprehends a reading passage.


In 1953, Wilson L. Taylor researched cloze tests as a means of determining reading comprehension.


You will be able to improve your comprehension with our free test worksheet exercises which are complete with different passages, skills questions, practice exercises & strategies.


Challenge yourself to practice your comprehension on a regular basis using our sample worksheets, questions, passages and various tests.

This way you will develop your english comprehension abilities and strategies and help you reach your higher English reading skills goal…….. and you will be able to score higher in your Exams.

Tips to Solve Cloze Test: 

  • Close test is a passage so the sentences are logically connected to each other.

  • Try to get the theme or topic being discussed in the passage.

  • Try to find whether something Negative or Positive aspect of something is being discussed or both… It will help you a lot and Keep this idea in mind while attempting the passage. 

  •  Read the whole passage first to get the background of the cloze test.

  • Keep this background in mind while attempting it will give you clues to the right answer.

  • If you are not sure of the answer follow the elimination method.

  • Elimination Technique/ Apply Reasoning

  • Cloze test technique 1: Take any one of the options given and check if it fits in structure.If It doesn’t fit,remove it.

  • Cloze test technique 2: Check if it fits in with the meaning and the background.If it doesn’t eliminate it.

  • Cloze test technique 3: Apply your knowledge about the usage of the word and how it is used in sentences. For an eg the word tan is used with reference to the sun, Solution is used with reference to the Problem and Answer to a Question.…NOT “Solution” to a Question.

  • Cloze test technique 4: Try to find a clue. Sometimes the clue is given in the preceding or next sentence. Or sometimes the clue can be given many sentences away.


    An Amazing Angreji Adhyapak At Accent Hisar, Ajay Sharma

    An Amazing Angreji Adhyapak At Accent Hisar, Ajay Sharma




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