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Puzzles Set- 14 – Banking Reasoning – Accent Institute Hisar – Suraj Sir

Reasoning for All Competitive Exams ( Banking RAILWAY, IBPS clerk and Po, SBI PO, SO, SSC , CHSL , KVS , NVS etc.) By Suraj Sir (Awarded Best Reasoning Teacher In Hisar By Dainik Bhaskar) at Accent Institute Hisar  Contact: 96716-39776, 95410-79129, 8685899797

Contact: 96716-39776, 95410-79129, 8685899797
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Directions (1-7) Study the information carefully and answer the question that follows

A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are eight sports persons, each of them playing a different game, viz Cricket, Football, Golf, Hockey, Chess, Baseball, Badminton and Tennis (not necessarily in the same order). All of them are seated around a circular table facing the centre. A, who plays Golf, sits third to the left of E. The one who plays Baseball sits second to the right of D. D, who plays Badminton, sits second to the right of B, who cannot sit adjacent to E. C, who plays Football, sits between the players of Chess and Baseball. G is a Tennis player, and sits second to the left of H, who is a Cricketer.

1.Who among the following pairs represent immediate neighbours of the Badminton player ?

1) GA

2) AH

3) BH

4) AE

5) None of these

2.Which of the following is definitely true in the context of F?

1) F sits second to the left of the Cricketer.

2) F sits third to the right of A.

3) F is a Hockey player.

4) The one who plays Golf is not an immediate neighbour of F.

5) None of these

3.What is the position of B with respect to the Chess player?

1) Fourth to the right

2) Third to the left

3) Second to the right

4) Fourth to the left

5) Second to the left

4.How many persons are sitting between A and the one who plays Hockey, if counted clockwise from A?

1) One

2) Two

3) Three

4) Four

5) Six

5.Which of the following games is played by the one who sits second to the left of the Baseball player?

1) Chess

2) Tennis

3) Cricket

4) Football

5) None of these

6.The one who sits between the Tennis player and the cricketer plays which of the following games?

1) Hockey

2) Golf

3) Badminton

4) Chess

5) None of these

7.In which of the following pairs the player of first game (of the pair) sits on the immediate left of the player of the second game (of the pair)?

1) Tennis-Football

2) Cricket-Hockey

3) Baseball-Golf

4) Football-Chess

5) Chess-Golf Directions