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1) Where the Headquarters of FIFA are located?
Ans: Zurich
2) Which monument is called Dream of Stones?
Ans: Panch Mahal
3) Which component is responsible for acid rain?
Ans: Nitrogen Oxides & Sulfer Di-Oxide
4) “A thing of Beauty is Joy forever” is written by?
Ans: John Keats
5) Boiling Point of Water Depends upon?
Ans: Atmospheric Pressure
6) Which among the following state has the highest literacy rate ?
Ans: Mizoram
7) What is Zeolite ?
Ans: Hydrated Aluminosilicate Minerals What is the minimum no. of members to be present in Parliament to start the proceedings of the house?
Ans: 1/10th of total seats, 55
9) In which year did the Kakori Robbery took place?
Ans: 1925
10) Siachen Glacier is a dispute between which 2 countries?
Ans: India & Pakistan
11) Who is the First Female Governor of an Indian State?
Ans: Sarojini Naidu
12) Which among the following Government Bodies accounts are not audited by CAG?
Ans: Local Body
13) Which Desert has high gold reserves?
Ans: Gobi
14) Pollutant, being the biggest source of air pollution in world?
Ans: Carbon Monoxide
15) Name the Process by which Bubbles from Liquid are formed?
Ans: Surface Tension