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List of Most Important Synonyms & Antonyms – Vocabulary

English Synonyms for Sainik School RMS RIMC
Amazing Incredible, Fantastic, Fabulous, Astonishing, Extraordinary
Answer Respond
Awful Terrible, Abominable, Dreadful
Bad Evil, Spoiled, Imperfect, Infamous, Dismal
Beautiful Gorgeous, Ravishing, Dazzling, Exquisite, Stunning
Begin Initiate, Commence, Inaugurate
Big Huge, Enormous, Gigantic, Humongous, Substantial, Mammoth
Break Rupture, Fracture, Shatter
Calm Serene, Peace, Tranquil
Come Approach, Arrive
Cool Chilly, Frosty, Icy
Cut Chop, Slash, Slit
Dangerous Hazardous, Risky, Precarious
Decide Determine, Settle
Definite Certain, Positive, Obvious
Delicious Savoury, Titbit, Delectable
Describe Portray, Characterise
Destroy Demolish, Slay, Ruin, Raze
Difference Disagreement, Inequity, Dissimilarity
Dull Boring, Uninteresting, Monotonous, Humdrum, Dreary
End Terminate, Conclude, Cessation
Explain Elaborate, Interpret
Fall Drop, Descend, Topple
Famous Well-known, Renowned, Eminent, Illustrious
Fast Quick, Rapid, Hasty, Snappy
Fat Stout, Corpulent, Chubby, Bulky
Funny Amusing, Humorous, Droll
Get Acquire, Obtain, Secure, Procure, Gather
Good Excellent, Fine, Wonderful, Superior, Gracious, Superb, Splendid, Genuine, Sterling, Top-notch,
Great Worthy, Distinguished, Grand, Considerable, Mighty
Happy Pleased, Delighted, Elated, Joyful, Ecstatic, Jubilant, Jaunty
Hate Despise, Loathe, Abhor, Abominate
Have Possess, Own, Acquire,
Help Aid, Assist, Support, Encourage, Relieve
Hide Conceal, Cover, Mask, Veil
Idea Thought, Concept, Notion
Important Necessary, Vital, Critical, Indispensable, Valuable, Essential, Famous, Notable
Interesting Fascinating, Engaging, Spirited, Intriguing, Gripping, Enthralling, Captivating
Little Tiny, Diminutive, Exiguous, Dinky, Cramped
Look Gaze, Glance, Peek, Glimpse, Stare, Leer
Love Like, Admire, Fancy, Care for, Adore
Make Create, Originate, Invent, Construct, Manufacture, Produce, Compose
Move Plod, Creep, Crawl, Drag, Toddle, shuffle, Trot, Lumber, Meander
Neat Orderly, Tidy, Trim, Natty, Smart, Elegant
New Unique, Modern, Current, Recent
Old Feeble, Ancient, Aged, Veteran, Mature, Primitive, Stale
Place Draw, Map, Diagram, Procedure, Method, Blueprint
Show Display, Exhibit, Indicate, Reveal, Demonstrate
Tell Disclose, Reveal, Expose, Narrate, Inform, Divulge
Use Employ, Utilise, Exhaust, Spend
Wrong Incorrect, Inaccurate, Mistaken, Erroneous, Improper, Unsuitable
Word Synonym Word Synonym
Accept Agree Obstinate Stubborn
Abandon Leave Prohibit Forbid
Ache Pain Prompt Quick
Amiable Kind Punctual Timely
Arrogant Haughty Significant Enough
Acrimony Bitterness Tidy Clean
Brave Courageous Trivial Petty
Brief Short Vanish Disappear
Bird brain Stupid person Virtue Goodness
Bandit Robber Vast Big
Blunder Careless mistake Wealthy Rich
Cautious Careful to avoid risks Weary Tired
Cease Stop Wipe Remove
Conclude End Bump Knock
Consent Agree Commerce Start
Depreciate Reduce Deceive Cheat
Dense Closely packed Exhibit Show
Edible Eatable Odour Smell
Eminent Famous Exterior Outside
Enormous Huge Lenient Merciful
Frail Weak Obnoxious Very unpleasant
Grave Serious Woe Sorrow
Grief Sorrow Yell Shout
Jovial Cheerful Portrait Painting
Minute Small Reign Rule


Animal Home Animal Home
Baby Nursery Bird Nest
Bee Hive Cow Shed
Dog Kennel Lion Den
Eagle Eyrie Motor car Garage
Fish Water Pig Sty
Snake Hole Rat Hole
Soldier Barrack Sheep Pen, fold
Owl Hollow Spider Cobweb
Horse Stable Student Hostel
Hare Form Tiger lair


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