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Puzzles Set- 17 – Banking Reasoning – Suraj Sir

Accent Coaching Institute Hisar Best coaching in Hisar for Competitive Reasoning  Contact No. : 96716-39776, 95410-79129 95/B Hetram Park Colony Behind SBI Main Branch   Camp Chowk,Hisar info@accentconcept.com Accent Coaching Institute is a well-known Coaching Institute of Hisar provideS Best Competitive Reasoning Coaching in Hisar (Haryana) Reasoning for All Competitive Exams ( Banking RAILWAY, IBPS clerk and Po, SBI PO, SO, […]

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Puzzles Set- 15 – for Banking Reasoning

 Read the following information carefully to answer the given questions. A university organised exams for six different subjects, viz Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Electronics, Statistics and English on six days of a week, not necessarily in the same order. The exams start from Monday, with a holiday on any day of the week. One full day […]

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Reasoning Puzzles for Banking Set- 10

Direction (1 – 5): Read the following information and answer the questions that follow: (1) There are seven persons A, B, C, D, E, F and G based in Delhi. Each of them is from a different state, has a different profession, and plays a different instrument. (2) C, a doctor, is from Bihar. (3) […]

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